Meal Prep Plans

Choose from a variety of our menu options to make up your meal prep for the week...whether you want to cover just the basics like breakfast for the work week, or lunch and dinners for the whole week, or 21 + meals/detoxifying meal replacers to fuel your entire week, we've got you covered. 

Start each day with a cleansing menu item like our lemonade, algae detox, divine feminine energy, or a beauty bowl. Then break fast for the day lunch with our salad options for your lunch and dinners. Or if you don't want to break fast till dinner construct your meal prep to have two cleansing or detoxifying drinks from the menu.  For example you could start out with lemonade for breakfast then algae detox for lunch or divine feminine energy for breakfast and a beauty bowl for lunch. Week to week the choices are all yours; it just depends on your intention. :)

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