Milky Way Ancient Grain Bowl

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Say hello to yet another "dessert for breakfast" options we have added to our menu, the newest beauty bowl addition, an Ethiopian ancient grain bowl. The star of this bowl is the teff which we pair with a creamy walnut milk mixture free of any gums, emulsifiers, or names you can't pronounce. This appropriately named "Milky Way" bowl melts perfectly into your mouth. Enjoy for breakfast or even just as a lovely dessert to accompany a meal. 

This is "beauty in a bowl" truly, as teff features an array of awesome healthy benefits such as: low fat, high energy gluten free grain, high in protein, iron rich, calcium rich, excellent option for diabetics as it balances blood sugar, so it is effective in weight loss (as elevated blood sugar causes the body to store fat) excellent for digestion, boost circulation in body and increases flow of oxygen to various bodily organs, cell growth and repair, vitamin C rich, balances cholesterol, reduces bloating constipation and cramps, high in copper which means it slows down signs of aging and supports nervous system repairs, lowers high blood pressure, lessons menstrual symptoms, anti inflammatory 

Contains walnuts