Meal Prep Monthly Subscriptions

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Tier 1 

5 meal rotating vegan sampler pack that consists of 5 meals and/or meal replacers to try off the menu for $75 each week. It rotates so one week it could be a couple juices + 3 salads, or 2 salads +3 juices or 2 meal prep options + 3 salads, meat alternative + salad+ juice combo, etc)

(meal replacers are detox drinks like algae detox or healing lemonade or divine feminine energy or beauty bowls) 

-$300 monthly subscription 

Tier 2

7  meals a week off menu each week $105

-$420 monthly subscription 

Tier 3

10 meals a week off menu each week $145

-$580 monthly subscription

Tier 4

15 meals a week off menu each week $210 a week

-$840 monthly subscription


Tier 5 Goddess subscription

Every month kicks off with a week long 2 part gut cleanse and detox (4 day raw liquid gold salad cleanse + 3 day liquid algae detox) $240 vs $280 value

Cleanse provides 3 meals a day(b,l,d) all 7 days 1st week of every month

Every week thereafter will consist of meal prep 3 meals a day 15 meals total

-$847 monthly subscription

Tier 2-5 any individual menu item can be chosen as meal/meal replacer including these grocer items: walnut meat, Mediterranean style bag o veggies, and mix and press instant egg 


These value prices are for meal prep size containers of Tuscan, Scallop salads, raw wraps, 16 oz  algae detox and divine feminine energy drinks, 8 oz lemonade chosen as meals/meal replacers

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