Mix and Press Instant Egg

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Say hello to our newest plant based grocery alternative: the mix and press instant egg!

Directions are really simple: simply mix, press and enjoy! 

To cook:

Mix your 2 containers of egg mix and hemp milk. Heat grape seed oil and some seasoning like garlic powder cayenne onion n basil in non stick pan. Add in egg and then flip and press like pancake. Flip back and forth until cooked through for 3-5 min of total cook time. 


Ways to enjoy: 

Enjoy as frittata or omelette by folding in some sautéed veggies after your egg has finished cooking. If you prefer your eggs more thin, add some spring water to thin out mix and make scrambled eggs. If you’re in the mood for fritters add in some chopped and seasoned mushroom bell pepper and basil into your mix before pressing on the pan. 

Contains: chickpea flour, spices, herbs, hemp seeds, spring water, ACV, and seamoss