Healthy Lemonade
Healthy Lemonade
Healthy Lemonade

Healthy Lemonade

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Our Healthy Lemonade serves as the perfect supplement for not only initiating, but maintaining detox results. 

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*Instructions included with your purchase*

Chlorophyll- This "internal deodorant" gives plants and algae their green color. It speeds up the healing of skin wounds, and detoxifies the body of metals and toxins. Chlorophyll is an easy way to alkalize your diet and jumpstart getting rid of mucus.

Root Extracts- Amplify medicinal properties of the lemonade.

"Nature's Beauty Mineral"- Cleanses by aiding in detoxing gut. Drastically can improve hair skin and nail health. Also aids those with inflammation, joint pain, rosacea, and more!


To experience the most promising results this lemonade offers you must steadily be building your routine and increasing strength every couple of weeks. Enjoy as a meal replacer in the morning, pre or post workout fuel, or just a add on to a yummy meal.

          1st 2 weeks: 1x strength jar daily 

          2nd 2 weeks: 2x strength jar daily 

          3rd 2 weeks: 3x strength  jar daily

          4th 2 weeks: 4x strength jar daily 

          5th 2 weeks: max strength jar daily 

Although results may vary, and there are clients who report to already seeing significant results at the 5 week mark of consuming Healthy Lemonade, around the 10th week is typically when one should expect to start to experience the more dramatic effects of this lemonade whether it is in hair length you are targeting, lash length, skin health, joint pain, etc. Almost all clients who drink this lemonade report experiencing positive observations in their bowel patterns, gut health, pH, and appetite suppression, instantaneously after consuming.  Whether you’re here for a long time or just a good time, we invite you to kick back and enjoy the yummy, healthy lemonade ride.

These lemonades are good for 14 days so if you ordered a 4 week, 6 week, 8 week or 10 week plan, freeze your 2x strength, 3 x strength, 4 x strength jars, and max strength jars in the freezer  for several weeks on end to preserve nutrients and minerals, until it is time to thaw and consume.

*Adjusted bulk pricing starts at 4 weeks and increases the more weeks you order*

If you are purchasing a package of 4 weeks or more you must indicate desired strength per 2 week increment in the note section upon checkout.

Ingredients: spring water, chlorophyll, root spices, MSM, lemon, agave, key lime, botanical extract blend, glycerin 

Individual 32 oz bottles are less concentrated compared to smaller individual serving size jars.

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