Divine Feminine Energy

Divine Feminine Energy

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This blush pale pink nectar is as luscious in taste as the name suggests.

CherimoyaA Vitamin C powerhouse, the “tree of ice cream” has been shown to have an amazing ability to absorb free radicals, that often lead to signs of premature aging such as, fine lines and wrinkles. Studies have also indicated that the byproducts of Cherimoya fruit can be used in cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries due to its extreme high antioxidant nature.

Guava-  Guava has been shown to aid in reduction of menstrual cramps and has also been shown to provide womb benefits to those with child, as its folic acid content aids in not only protecting the baby from possible neurological disorders, but also provides support in the development of the nervous system. Guava has also proven a suitable combatant against skin discoloration, dark circles, and acne because of its rich Vitamin K content.

Seamoss- Super Algae, contains 92 of 102 minerals our body is composed of, year round immunity support, aids in detoxification of everyday elements like the sun, cell phones, air planes etc.

Maca- Ancient Incan root, contains mood and anxiety improving flavanoids.

Acai- Touted as the “Brazilian Beauty Berry”, provides extra boost in fighting off free radicals that can be damaging to our skin. Acai is a powerhouse for antioxidants and beauty vitamins A, C, and E , which all support vibrant healthy skin. The vitamin C content aids in our natural collagen production, which reduces as we get older, making us more prone to wrinkles. Anti-inflammatory properties in acai have been known to treat acne and other skin conditions.  

 Other Ingredients: coconut water, coconut water, spring water, pineapple, bananas, mango, blueberries, key lime, lemon