The Love Box

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It’s the season of love so it calls for a box just as sweet. Our newest box is filled with mouth watering ingredients intended  to leave not only you but your partner or whoever you gift this to, satisfied. Gift for her gift for him gift for a friend gift for yourself! Consume the contents of this box with a gallon of water for a day and find yourself not only smelling but tasting amazing.

This box includes 7 intentional items filled with intentional ingredients to celebrate the month of love, like our beauty bowl that features maca root which is fabulous for libido or burdock root (specially included in this box) that host an array of benefits including but not limited to: boosting libido, draining lymphatic system, detoxing complex sugars out of kidneys, iron, digestion, prebiotic etc.  It includes what we like to call "Liquid Candy" a yummy alkaline blend so gratifying you'll be wanting this treat on repeat. The Love Box includes our newest grocer item, literally the best dates you'll ever have in your life, a decadent digestive treat to not only your tastebuds but insides as well and a very special release coming to our shop soon, herbal blends. Either Amor or Sensual will come in your box.  Amor is good for cultivating self love, awareness and clarity, and identifying what it is that you need. Sensual can induce lucid dreaming, enhance creativity, and is an aphrodisiac. All in all this box speaks for itself. We know you will enjoy.  

Package includes:

Divine Feminine Energy 32 oz 

Burdock Root 

Liquid Candy topped with dates and walnuts 12 oz 

Pitaya Bowl 16 oz 

Package of Dates 

Amor or Sensual Herbal blend (not included in $60 package) 


Access to  “Health Wellness Hotness” planner upon digital release this month 

Value: $90

Price: $70 (Deluxe Box herbal blend included)

           $60 (without herbal blend)  

 Liquid Candy contains: Coconut water, spring water, dates, walnuts, raspberries, blueberries, mango, lemon

Amor contains: Mullein, damiana, lemon balm, tulsi, rose, spearmint, palm leaf

Sensual contains: Blue lotus, damiana, lavender, red raspberry leaf, lavender, lobelia mugwort, palm leaf