Goddess Subscription

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Please note there are two Goddess Subscription offerings. One contains meal prep and can be found in our monthly meal prep subscription tiers 

This subscription consist solely of the cleanse itself. Every month kicks off with a week long 2 part gut cleanse and detox (4 day raw liquid gold salad cleanse + 3 day liquid algae detox) 

Cleanse provides 3 meals a day (b,l,d) all 7 days 1st week of every month

-$240 subscription price vs $280 standard price

Plans and savings are as follows:

3 month subscription: Pay $720 vs $840 

6 month subscription: Pay $1380 vs $1680

1 year subscription: Pay $2700 vs $3360

Subscription service can only be cancelled after receiving 3 month subscription at the minimum 

 Salad cleanse contains walnuts