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Enjoy the holidays with loved ones this season with your choice of our signature Tuscan Pilaf Protein bowl  or light and savory fresh Raw Liquid Gold Salad cleanse available for limited time only as platters!

Each 13" x 9" x 2.5" tray feeds 8-10 people portion size.

Liquid Gold Platter comes with 2 16 oz bottles of dressing on side and Tuscan comes with an 8 oz container of dressing as it is a rich dressing and not much is required to thoroughly lubricate and enjoy salad. Pour in seamlessly day of festivities.

If picking up Tuscan Monday or Tuesday, all ingredients of salad can be arranged separately in tray for you to wait to mix together day of. 

If purchasing two salad trays second one will be $15 OFF with code 15OFF

Tuscan contains brazil nuts and liquid gold contains walnuts