Detox Box 10 Day Kit

Detox Box 10 Day Kit

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Meal prep, detoxing, and herbal cleansing converge as one, in this fabulous 10 day trek to restoration and rejuvenation. 

Meet our newest 3 part  addition to our detox packages, The Detox Box.

Plan to be eating good, looking good, and most importantly FEELING good.

Package includes:

10 day Body Fat Remover Herbal Cleanse 

3 day algae detox (you can choose to start your cleanse with this or end with this)

1 week Healthy Lemonade to be consumed as breakfast + meal prep to accompany for lunch and dinner below:

14 meals: 4 x "Everyone deserves", 4 x Tuscan  Pilaf Protein bowls single serving, 4 x Instant Walnut Meat + 1 nori seaweed sheets + 3 romaine lettuce  + liquid gold dressing side to adorn some of your walnut meat creations (ex: sushi rolls, lettuce wraps, toasted nori lettuce salad) + 1 jollof rice + 1 "chicken" fried rice 

10 days of sexy contest:  The client with the most dramatic transformation at the end of this 10 day cleanse will receive a 3 month lemonade subscription as their prize. Must be willing to take before and after photos to enter to win and must allow your images to be shared anonymously with our audience. 

Please note: The original protocol for this package did not include meal prep and clients received amazing results, whether they were preparing to get married, go on vacation, be camera ready, you name it. If you would like the option to do this cleanse without meals, go ahead and purchase body fat remover, 1 week lemonade, and 3 day algae detox individually  

Contains walnuts